Blackheath Westcombe

  •  Pierce Chalmers

I currently live in Greenwich where I also grew up. I have a degree in Economics and Politics and work in the Financial sector. Being a councillor would give me the chance to give back and make a positive contribution to the local area, to create opportunities that benefit everyone in the community. 

My aim is not just to promote the ideals and values that represent us, but to be pragmatic in my approach to issues. I want to be able to engage with other council members in meaningful discussion so we can provide real outcomes for the whole of the community. We need our representatives to be less divisive, and my hope is to provide a fresh, collaborative voice to push for what our community needs.  


  •  Lee Coppack

I’m a long time resident of Blackheath with wider concerns about the borough, especially poverty and environmental risks. Professionally, my background is in journalism, starting with local papers in Lincoln and Welwyn Garden City. I then moved to Chatham where I worked for the evening paper as a local government reporter and then in a similar role for BBC Radio Kent.  

In time, I left Kent to work on more national publications, notably as insurance correspondent for the shipping paper Lloyd’s List. Since then, my work as a writer and editor has largely focussed on insurance and risk.

I continue to work part time in this field but have also become a part time medical historian after taking an MA in the subject as a mature student. Most recently I got a qualification to teach English as a second language with the aim of helping asylum seekers.

As a journalist, I developed a regard for local government and believe that there is a great deal councils can do to improve conditions locally and promote sustainable development. I believe in the liberal principles of the Liberal Democrats: a good balance between private enterprise and public provision, fairness in wealth and opportunities, and tolerance.


  •  Roger Spence

I was born and raised in Lincoln in a family steeped in local politics, I attended Lincoln Grammar School and Lincoln College of Art before beginning a fifty plus year career in theatre and the arts.

Initially involved in the production and lighting design side of theatre, I moved into arts management in the mid-70’s and held senior executive positions in major dance and drama companies in Scotland and England. In 1995 I came to London as the Project Director for the rebuilding of Sadler’s Wells Theatre and from then on, I have worked on the design and building of many significant arts buildings as Project Director, Theatre Consultant or Principal Adviser.

I joined the Young Liberals at the age of 14, the Liberal Party in Scotland in 1977 and transferred to the English Liberal Democrats in 1997. When I moved to London we came to live in Blackheath and have been here ever since.

I have always subscribed to liberal values – to freedom, equality and community which are now under so much pressure from the forces of nationalism and populism. In local government the need for balance and an argument for more inclusive consultation and decision making is vital and needs sensible and sensitive input from our Liberal Democrat thinking.


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