Cameron should step up to the plate on child refugees - Lib Dems urge Prime Minister

Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords have put their name to a letter which calls on the Prime Minister to ‘fulfil his moral duty to accept 3,000 orphaned child refugees.’

Tim Farron raises plight of child refugeesSignatories to the letter comprise of more than 100 Lib Dem Peers including former Party Leaders Paddy Ashdown, Ming Campbell, Bill Rodgers and David Steel.

The letter, written by Liberal Democrat Peer Roger Roberts, highlights that more than 10,000 children have vanished after registering with state authorities. Government inaction has left children fleeing conflict open to sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking.

Ahead of delivering the letter Roger Roberts said:

“It is outrageous that David Cameron does not step in to properly protect these children. Instead he offers a shadow of what he should which leaves children suffering and dying across the European continent.

“There are calls for him to do more in the Commons and there are calls for him to do more in the Lords.

“Cameron is stepping back and relying on others to be the humanitarians that we should be.“

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