David Hall-Matthews for Eltham

Dr David Hall-Matthews is a long-standing Liberal Democrat campaigner, having stood in three previous General Elections. He helped write policy for the party on International Trade, Development, Globalisation and Inequality. He was formerly chair of the Social Liberal Forum, which campaigned for social justice to be the party's top priority during the coalition.

An academic for twenty years, David ran a global campaign for transparent government spending. He now advises charities on strategy, policy and development, as well as looking after his two young sons. He enjoys running, having completed a couple of half-marathons, and is a keen cook.

"The Conservatives are threatening to crash the UK economy and waste hundreds of millions of pounds on a hard Brexit. Far from freeing up money to spend on the NHS, it will take yet more money away from struggling public services.  But, astonishingly, Labour are waving the Tories through on the most important issue of our times. Jeremy Corbyn is fiddling while the Tories set fire to the economy. If you agree that a hard Brexit will be a disaster, the ONLY party on your side is the Liberal Democrats.

"The Conservative Government is failing those on low and middle incomes. I believe no one should pay tax if they earn less than the minimum wage. The Liberal Democrats will ensure those who need the most support get the help they need, but also ensure that young people and future generations should not be left to pay our debts."

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