Charley Hasted

Residents of Eltham deserve an MP who will fight fearlessly for their needs locally and a fair deal nationally.

That is why we are proud to support Charley Hasted as our candidate for MP in the 2019 General Election.

Charley is an NHS emergency services worker and has previously worked as a carer, youth worker, and classroom assistant. Charley understands the value of hard work and knows the vital role our local services play in our community. Charley has also been an active campaigner for justice in Eltham since 2005, starting out as Chair of Greenwich Young People's Council where they fought for equality, social and economic advancement for all and youth empowerment.

Charley says; “I can think of no greater honour than to be allowed to come back and continue to work towards a fairer Eltham for all as your Parliamentary Candidate”.

As your MP, Charley will fight for:

  • The UK to remain as a full member of the EU, keeping our best possible trade deal and maintaining free movement of people
  • More social housing in Eltham; having a decent home is a right not a privilege and one we should be fighting for- ensuring new developments improve and support local infrastructure
  • Programmes that support entrepreneurs, promote lifelong learning, remove barriers and raise aspirations, ensuring that someone’s background can never dictate how far they can go in life and what they can achieve
  • Ending the deliberate chronic underfunding of the NHS; none of Boris’s promises will undo the damage his party has deliberately inflicted on our vital services

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