Rhian O'Connor for Greenwich West

I have lived in Greenwich for over fourteen years, and love the diversity of the area. My kids go to school here, and I am deeply involved in the community.

As an economist, and as a volunteer in the local food bank, I fight against inequality and poverty and strongly favour evidence�based policy to create an economy that works for all.

I have also campaigned extensively on Clean Air in our area, from campaigning against the Silvertown Tunnel, to protesting against Cruise Ships mooring with no land power connection. I believe in better public transport, good green spaces and more restrictions on polluting vehicles. I want everyone's children to grow up breathing clean air.

Local Champion
● Lived locally 14 years and campaigned 6 years
● Understands local issues and networks
● Knocked on thousands of doors
● Mother of two in local schools

Liberal Warrior
● Fighting for clean air
● Fighting against poverty
● Fighting for equality

Skilled professional
● Economist analysing global issues
● Experienced public speaker
● Internationalist speaking 5+ languages
● Manager and mentor