How to get involved

Who are we?

Local Parties are made up of volunteers who organise social events, fundraise, and do political campaigning in our area. This helps contribute to and raise the profile of our national campaigns and party successes. Without local Party activity, there would not be Lib Dem councillor, MP or MEP candidates on the ballot paper. We do the work on the ground to bring about local change (such as contributing to the successful campaign to stop the polluting Enderby Wharf in Greenwich) and communicate our national message by delivering leaflets and knocking on doors (which led to our amazing results in the 2019 European Parliament Elections).

We are always looking for more people to come to our social events (where you can meet like-minded people), campaign politically, or help with the running of the local party in whatever way you can. If you would like to be more actively involved, there are different ways of doing this, so you don’t need to worry about being overloaded. Check out our upcoming events.

At the moment, it would be particularly helpful to hear from anyone interested and able to:

  • make phone calls, either to other members letting them know about upcoming events, or to voters;
  • organise social events (which can be as low key as meeting for coffee, a drink or pizza);
  • write articles, either for our website or for paper literature;
  • raise funds for campaigning;
  • deliver leaflets or knock on doors;
  • cycle or drive to deliver bundles of leaflets to members for delivery by them;
  • use our databases behind the scenes to contact members and compile lists of voters to contact;
  • improve the local area by organising petitions, stalls, letters to elected representatives, asking questions at Council.

All of this helps us win elections and change Britain for the better.

Do please contact us if you would like to explore getting more involved in this or any other way. (We aim to contact new members directly to find out why you joined the Party and introduce ourselves, but as you can imagine with our current membership surge we have a lot of people to contact!)

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