Lewisham By-Elections October 2016

Lewisham has two council by-elections next week, and Greenwich Liberal Democrats have been helping out with canvassing. Labour hold 53 of 54 council seats in Lewisham, and our candidates hope to change this and create an opposition.

lucy.jpgThe excellent Lucy Salek is standing in Evelyn, where the highlight is on council neglect in areas like housing and forced gentrification at the expense of local residents. One lady told us on the doorstep that she felt unsafe in her own home, given the drug dealers who had free reign to enter her tower block.

Bobby Dean, equally inspirational, is standing in Brockley and is campaigning hard on the rights of tenants – a key London Liberal Democrat area of focus.

bobby.jpgHighlights for me have been the lady who said she would vote for Lucy, as no-one else had been round to see her and she felt no-one cared. In Brockley, one girl told me she was a disillusioned Labour voter and was “having a shocker with her landlord.” The low-points were having to chase canvass sheets across a busy road in the wind, and all the people who told us they were voting Labour because they always had.

The two by-elections are next Thursday, 13th October. There is still loads of work to do so please do let us know if you can help. No experience necessary – Lucy told me the biggest help of me being there was just company and moral support. Both candidates are true Liberal Democrats: enthusiastic, trying to make a change, and a real pleasure to be around.

I am helping out at the count on Thursday night, so fingers crossed for both Bobby and Lucy.

rhian.jpgAbout the author: Rhian O'Connor is a local Liberal Democrat, living in Greenwich West, travelling wherever the good fight takes her!

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