2019 EU Manifesto Summary


  1. To stop Brexit and hold a second referendum where Remain is on the ballot.
  2. Defend freedom of movement, allowing Brits to continue to live, work and travel across the EU.
  3. An emergency £7.5 billion support fund for those affected by Brexit uncertainty.
  4. The extensions of rights for EU citizens in the UK including the ability to stand and vote in elections.

Climate Change and the Environment

  1. See Europe adopt a net zero greenhouse gas emissions target by 2050.
  2. Use the European Parliament to raise environmental standards across the EU - and use it to force change in the UK.
  3. Support the development of an EU wide Energy Union to make energy more secure, affordable and sustainable.
  4. Legislate to introduce a "general duty of care for the environment and human rights" for companies and public sector agencies.
  5. Establish an EU-wide plan on deforestation aimed at reducing the consumption of palm oil or soya.

Citizens’ rights in the EU and the EU

  1. Protect the rights of the 63,000 EU nationals work in the NHS and the 104,000 who work in the adult social care sector.
  2. Protect citizens access to the European Health Insurance Card that means Brits can easily receive medical treatment when they are visiting other countries in the EU.

Crime and security

  1. Commitment to work closely with our European partners to prevent terrorism, including through Europol and other intelligence-sharing arrangements.
  2. Staying part of EU-wide schemes which protect the country against cyber-attacks, money-laundering, tax scams and disinformation campaigns aimed at undermining our democracies and our elections.

Reform Europe

  1. European Parliament should only have one seat, Brussels,  which would mean abolishing sitting in the French city of Strasbourg.
  2. Using sanctions to crack down on EU members who endanger the rule of law and threaten citizens liberties.
  3. Reform the Common Agricultural Policy to encourage farmers to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions while farming.
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