Bedroom tax!!! Tuition fees!!! Quislings!!!

Right, fresh from yet another row, with people I respect, I want to finally write my response to the arguments against the Lib Dems going into coalition for the last 5 years.

The charge, in a nutshell, is that the Lib Dems sold their souls to the devil in 2010 when they had to choose between forming a government with the Tories or staying in opposition. They saw ministerial boxes, limousines and miniature whisky bottles with a special 'Member of Government' seal on them or something and ran to the cabinet table. They left the country at the mercy of the vicious Tories while Lib Dem junior ministers spent 5 years calling each other up from inside the corridors of power shouting 'GUESS WHERE I'M CALLING FROM!'

While the Lib Dems fiddled, the UK burned, as the Tories introduced the bedroom tax and the Lib Dems casually tossed tuition fees aside in return for government stationery that had their names on in that special gold curly writing.

Or, to condense the above argument to its rawest, most common form - BEDROOM TAX!!!!

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Tom Holder for Greenwich & Woolwich

key_tom_holder.pngTom, 29, worked as a secondary school maths and economics teacher in an inner London state school after graduating from Oxford University, where he focused on Economics and Politics. Tom later left teaching to pursue work in science communication, encouraging open dialogue on issues relating to biomedical science.

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Simon Waddington for Erith & Thamesmead

key_simon_waddington.pngFor more than a decade Simon has been a passionate local campaigner for the Liberal Democrats, wherever he has lived he has worked hard to promote campaigns which promote sustainable economic growth as well as ingraining fairness into our society.

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Sonia Dunlop for Greenwich West

key_sonia_dunlop.pngSonia currently works for the Solar Trade Association in London. Before this, Sonia spent over five years working in the European Parliament on renewable energy policy, including two years working for the Liberal Democrat MEP Sarah Ludford.

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Alex Cunliffe for Eltham

key_alex_cuncliffe.jpgAlex has lived in London for 11 years and is a barrister by profession, formerly practising as a solicitor in private practice and in industry. He read French and Italian at Swansea University, spending a year at Concordia University in Montreal, where he met his Lebanese American wife.

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Shooters Hill: Your last chance to save our area

shooters-hill-lab-twitter-140517.pngThis is the final weekend before the local elections on May 22nd and we were out today delivering our final Focus before the polls.


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How healthy is democracy in Greenwich?

a-tweet-by-labour-activist-simon-christie.pngCommuting to work this morning I read that Greenwich is the 4th safest Labour borough in London. Wasn't at all surprised at this of course, Greenwich borough is a sea of Red with a small Blue enclave around Eltham. And with the coalitions cuts proving unpopular and the rise of UKIP, Labour activists are confident that even those few Conservative councillors could be swept away.

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A Manifesto for Charlton: Time for a Change

paul-chapman-charlton-2014.pngRecently myself and my fellow candidates (Ian Gerrard and Richard Mbogga) had the chance to speak at the first ever Council Election hustings for Charlton ward. It was a great event and we thank The Charlton Society for organising it.

As part of the opening statement we were asked to give our main three main priorities for Charlton, and I thought I'd share one of them with you here.

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Two weeks to save our borough: Why I'm proud to win a "Clean Air in Cities 2014" award

stewart-christie-1.pngToday I awoke to the news that I'd won a "Clean Air in Cities 2014" award by the Clean Air in Londoncampaign and I couldn't think of a better 40th birthday present.

It's been a long journey over the last few years since the plans for the Silvertown Tunnel and Gallions Bridgebegan to gain traction. It's been a team effort and apart from Darryl Chamberlain and Alan Haughton (who also won "Clean Air in Cities 2014" awards) there are many people from across east and south-east London, and beyond, who have helped along the way.

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Party Poltical Broadcast from the Greenwich Borough Liberal Democrats

Greenwich Liberal Democrats have today launched their first ever Party Political Broadcast ahead of the May 22nd, 2014 local elections.

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