Save Avery Hill


Harris Academy has put forward plans for a 1,150 pupil school at Avery Hill.

See details of the proposal here. We oppose crucial elements - our main issues are:

  • the proposed design is non-descript and would spoil the view from the park;

  • transport and access could be a nightmare;

  • the school and the heritage attraction of a renovated Winter Garden must work in harmony.


Details of our concerns and our proposed solutions

More background information at


PROBLEM: School traffic will block access to the park twice a day. Park visitors will have to wait up to 30 minutes as 1,150 pupils cross Reinkendorff Avenue, which Harris wants to make one-way.
SOLUTION: No school traffic allowed in from Bexley Road.



PROBLEM: Harris don’t want an agreement with the community over use of the historic building in the evenings, weekends and holidays.
SOLUTION: The community use out of school hours is guaranteed and agreement to this is made before planning permission is granted.

PROBLEM: The Winter Garden needs to be renovated and fully linked with the Mansion.
SOLUTION: Following pressure from the campaign and Royal Greenwich Council, the University of Greenwich has agreed to contribute a substantial sum for its renovation and development, it being handed over to RBG, and then a Trust. Furthermore, it needs to be connected internally to the Mansion to allow flexible usage by the community with joint working arrangements put in place for the site’s future management.


PROBLEM: Square blocks of glass and green cladding clash with the historic winter garden.
SOLUTION: Harris needs to go back to the drawing board and design in brick, with pitched roofs and smaller blocks.



And the view Harris Academy haven't put on their website

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