Ulysse Abbate - Shooters Hill

I’m Ulysse, a 2nd Year Philosophy, Politics and Economics student, and I have lived in Shooters Hill for a decade. For the past two years, I’ve been involved in my local neighbourhood and wider Greenwich Community, through volunteering in the Eltham food bank, local charities, and with the Greenwich Sanctuary Project.

I’m getting involved in local politics this year as a way to combine my interest in politics and society with my community service. I will be campaigning for your vote as a candidate who poses particular focus on inter-agency and inter-party communication. Whereas the two-party dominated council have offered plenty of supportive, successful initiatives for our community, I believe that, as all humans do, mistakes have been made.

I aim to provide alternative ideas which may not be covered by the, at times, polarising opinions of the Labour and Conservative parties and intend to represent all of my community.