This stupid boycott must stop say Liberal Democrats

Andrew Gilligan - Cycling CommissionerLocal residents, particularly those who use bikes, have been alarmed at the news that Greenwich may not benefit from Boris Johnson's cycling infrastructure project. This is because Greenwich Labour councillors refuse to speak to journalist Andrew Gilligan who has been appointed as the Mayor of London's cycling commissioner. 

Local Liberal Democrat Paul Webbewood says, "Greenwich Labour say that Mr Gilligan has a conflict of interest because he has criticised the Council in the past. This is daft. Can't the Council handle criticism? Every other council in London is speaking to him so that their residents can benefit from the funds that the Mayor has to improve facilities for cyclists." 

City Hall has made clear that Greenwich Council must work with Mr Gilligan if it wants to benefit from any new cycling funding, infrastructure or routes. He remains available to speak to Greenwich at any time. 

Paul Webbewood says, "Labour Leader Chris Roberts has said that Andrew Gilligan is overpaid and underqualified for his post. Chris Roberts must put aside any personal objections and speak to him. 

"This is the probably the stupidest thing that Greenwich Council have done in the last ten years. This boycott must stop and Labour councillors must stand up to Chris Roberts and make him stop it. 

"Why should Greenwich miss out on funds just to satisfy Chris Roberts' ego?"

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