London Regional Conference comes to Greenwich

26 Feb 2024
Giving hope to young Londoners

This year the London Regional Conference was held in Greenwich at the University site and a number of our local members attended and discussed key policies with members from other London boroughs. Four motions, and two submitted amendments were passed at Conference

  • A Fair Deal for musicians
  • Fighting hate and improving life for LGBT+ people
  • A positive vision for social housing
  • Giving hope to young Londoners.

Conference was bouyed by the latest YouGov poll for the London Mayoral Election, which shows Lib Dems polling at double the vote share from 2021, which is backed up by evidence that the Lib Dems are gaining ground in local council by-elections. In January, there was a Lib Dem gain in Richmond upon Thames and, in February, there was a gain from the Conservatives in West Northamptonshire as well as another for Wiltshire council with an amazing 18.1% increase in the vote.

Conference was also given a campaign briefing about the London Assembly Elections with a reminder that every vote across London makes a difference, as the Assembly list is elected via proportional representation. It’s important to ensure you bring your photo id when you cast your vote on 2nd May - see here for further info.