Greenwich Lib Dems Protest Silvertown Tunnel

On Saturday, 26 February, local Lib Dem activists Ulysse Abbate, Valerie Stainton and Greg Mulligan joined other concerned citizens at City Hall to protest against the Mayor's plans for the Silvertown tunnel. They were joined by Lib Dem Assembly Member Hina Bokhari, AM. 

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Hina Bokhari, AM, at Greenwich Lib Dems

Hina Bokhari, AM, presented to Greenwich Lib Dems on Diversity and Inclusion and working more closely with our London Assembly members.  

On Thursday, 17 February, Hina gave an online presentation to Greenwich Borough Liberal Democrats Members and Supporters on Diversity and Inclusion and working more closely with our London Assembly members, followed by questions.

Hina Bokhari after giving a speech


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‘My youth is a strength’, says 22-year-old Lib Dem candidate Chris Annous.

Our Lib Dem London Assembly candidate for Greenwich and Lewisham Chris Annous sat down with a student journalist to talk about why he is running to represent our local community.

While the majority of graduates fresh out of university probably think about getting on the career ladder, I doubt many dream about becoming their constituency’s representative in the London Assembly. Yet, within five months of graduating, Chris Annous decided to throw his hat into the ring to become the next Greenwich and Lewisham Assembly Member.  If elected, he would be the youngest London AM ever. It’s an unusual move for a 22-year-old and begs the obvious question: why?

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Chris Annous selected as Lib Dem Lewisham and Greenwich London Assembly Candidate

Liberal Democrat members in Greenwich and Lewisham have selected rising star Chris Annous as their candidate for the London Assembly elections in May 2021.

Chris Annous was born and raised in Greenwich, and at 22 years of age is part of a new generation of people campaigning for a fairer, greener and more equal world.

In his first comments as candidate, Annous described the “greater than ever need for a liberal alternative to the cruelty of the Conservative government and the complacency of Labour and Sadiq Khan in South East London.”

A committed anti-racism campaigner, Chris Annous will put tackling racism in London, including within the Metropolitan police, at the forefront of his campaign. Annous will call for the banning of suspicionless stop and search and for all police arrests to be recorded by body worn cameras – a Lib Dem policy he successfully introduced at their annual conference.

Annous will also challenge Khan and Labour on their poor environmental records. He will call for the cancelling of the Silvertown Tunnel and the use of the £2bn in savings to fund the completion of the Woolwich Crossrail line and the Bakerloo line extension to Lewisham.

Chris Annous, Lib Dem London Assembly Candidate for Greenwich and Lewisham, said:

“As someone who has grown up here, I am proud to have been selected as Lib Dem candidate for my community.

For too long we have been let down in Greenwich and Lewisham by a Labour party and Labour politicians who take our area for granted.

Labour have failed to tackle the racism, the affordable housing, the cladding and the clean air crises which harm the lives of so many of Greenwich and Lewisham’s residents.

I will be the hard-working alternative our community needs and provide the solutions needed to take Greenwich and Lewisham forward.”

Luisa Porritt, Lib Dem Candidate for Mayor of London, said:

“I am delighted that Chris has been selected to join my team for the London elections.

He’s a hardworking campaigner and shares my vision to take London forward. Chris is the right person to challenge Labour’s inaction in South East London.

As Candidate for Mayor of London, I am challenging Sadiq Khan to deliver a clean, green transport system - so I look forward to campaigning with Chris against the polluting Silvertown Tunnel. Lewisham & Greenwich residents don’t want a £2 billion road, they want Crossrail to open and a commitment to the Bakerloo line extension.”

National Party Leadership Election 2020

This summer, Liberal Democrats across the country will be voting to choose the new Leader of the party. This is an immensely exciting time to be a member, as the Leader is responsible for representing the party in Westminster and on the national stage, demonstrating the importance of liberal values and holding the other parties and Government to account. Already, we’ve seen positive discussion over the direction the party could take next, and we want you to get involved.

We are proud to be a democratic, member-led party, and every member will get a vote in the leadership election. If you are not already a member but want to play a role you can register here; if you want to find out more about how the Leader is elected, you can do so here.

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