Josh Matthews

Our candidate for Greenwich & Lewisham at the 2024 London elections

Josh joined the Liberal Democrats because of policy and Brexit. He remains a Lib Dem because of the party members - people who were more concerned with doing what was right by people, rather than politics, left vs right, and winning at all costs.

Josh grew up in South Wales, and he has lived in Loughborough, Lincolnshire, Cambridge, and California, before settling in Southwark with his partner. Before moving to London, he was a City Councillor in Cambridge and the opposition spokesperson for climate, environment, and the city centre.

He is a chemical engineer by training, having worked in the energy industry and explored low-carbon hydrogen production as an academic. He now works professionally across a range of research, consulting, and convening partnerships for sustainability. For the Green Liberal Democrats, he recently published some thoughts from the recent COP28 UN climate summit in Dubai.

Josh says:

I want everyone who thinks Liberal Democrat to think positive politics. And from that positive politics comes our fantastic policy and people all centred on the freedom for everyone to live their best life, in a fair society that works for everyone and especially the least advantaged, with real equality of opportunity on every front including work, environment, health, politics, and education.

Josh Matthews
Our candidate for Greenwich & Lewisham on the London Assembly, Josh Matthews

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