My Conference Report - Bournemouth 2015

This being my first conference I was worried and concerned about how I would get on with lots of people I did not know, a lot of paperwork and being disabled. However these worries were instantly put to rest as I was greeted by very helpful security guards who told me where to go to get the mobility scooter I had ordered before I came.

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Tim Farron - Leader Speech to the LibDem Autumn Conference

When I was growing up my school didn’t have a sixth form.  I guess that’s because most of us didn’t do A levels.  So I went to a separate sixth form college - Runshaw in Leyland - and, in my first week, I joined the Liberal Party.  

Tim Farron BandI also joined a band. 

I’m assuming you may have seen the photos.

The only good thing I can say is that because the photos are pre-digital they are so low resolution that you can’t make out the eye-liner.

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Local Resources to help with the Refugee Crisis

soomin leongLocal member Soomin Leong recently went along to a donation drive organised by CalAid in support of the Refugee Crisis. Soomin got in touch to ask if anyone knew of other local initiatives (we knew a few) so we've put a page together - called Refugee Crisis: How we can help - with all the different positive actions we know of to date.

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Labour abstinence makes no-one fonder

Gideon punishment'A week is a long time in politics' is one of the most hackneyed phrases in politics, but I couldn't think of another way to start this post. Moving on...

Last Monday saw the second reading of the Tories’ Welfare Reform and Work Bill, a bill that contained more cruel and unusual punishments on young people than the 50 Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. Lowering the benefit cap, scrapping the automatic entitlement to housing benefit for 18–21-year-olds and cutting employment support allowance were just some of the measures that the Lib Dems blocked in coalition and that Osborne is now unleashing gleefully in his first pure Tory budget.

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Tim Farron and his views on gay sex

It is unlikely that anyone even vaguely interested in the fortunes of the Liberal Democrats would have missed it, but on Friday, a day after Tim Farron was elected leader, the party got its first juicy post-election controversy: in an interview with Channel 4, Farron was asked (repeatedly, as the numerous think pieces already dedicated to the subject are keen to point out) whether he, as a Christian, believes that gay sex is a sin.  His answer, delivered articulately if not entirely confidently, was deemed evasive and unsuitable for a self-congratulatory liberal media culture increasingly averse to any nuance or ambiguity.

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