New members, new plans, new leaders

Greenwich Borough Liberal Democrats have been bursting with energy and excitement since the May election. An influx of new members of the local party have brought shedloads of fresh ideas and enthusiasm. They shared some at a recent party “development day” and we no doubt will hear more as the summer rolls on, whether at LibDem pints or other informal gatherings. All members will soon have a means of proposing get-togethers on subjects and in venues of their choosing. Watch this space.


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Norman Lamb has a #LibDemPint

What a few weeks it has been since May 7th. Fresh from a truly horrendous result in the General Election I’d fully expected Lib Dems all over the country to be heading to the hills to wait out the remainder of their lives in mournful reflection, but not a bit of it! Instead we’ve had new members signing up in their thousands (over 16,000 at time of writing) and the hunger from members new and old to keep the liberal tradition alive and kicking in this country is as strong as I’ve ever known it.

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The Liberal Democrats represent Greener Government

Liberal Democrats have ensured the Coalition has been the greenest Government so far in Britain. Lib Dem ministers:-

  • Secured £37bn investment in renewable electricity;
  • Established the world's first Green Investment Bank;
  • Led Europe to agree a new more ambitious EU-wide climate change target;
  • Ensured more than 1 million trees have been planted.
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Vote for Sonia Dunlop for Greenwich West, a vote for a new voice in the borough

sonia-dunlop-greenwich-west-ward-candidate_(1).pngWith Matt Pennycook resigning his seat in anticipation of a General Election victory in May, there are a pleasingly round 50 councilors currently sitting in the borough of Greenwich. So what can we hope for from the 51st, also elected on May 7th?

The incoming councilor will replace Pennycook in Greenwich West, a ward where the existing two councilors are already Labour; Maureen O'Mara and Aidan Smith.

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Charlton Society #GE2015 Hustings: A Personal Reflection

So, a quick write-up of the Charlton Societies General Election Hustings, held on Saturday in Charlton Village. It was my first GE2015 hustings and I was looking forward to seeing some of the runners and riders in the flesh.

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